While STACT can be used in any size project across any industry, we work most closely with commercial developers, government and councils, construction contractors and insurers. Our platform is constantly growing and evolving based on the feedback of our customers and changes to industry standards. 



Whether on-site, on the road or in the office, STACT is accessible via a cloud-based platform providing full transparency of an entire project to all key stakeholders. Utilising AI to review all critical documentation connected to a planned project, STACT can quickly identify any areas of concern or risk to be addressed before a project has commenced. STACT also delivers fast and efficient 4D virtual and 3D reality UAV surveys of project status with annotation of areas of interest and recommendations, giving developers peace of mind that the project is on task and running safely.


Projects large and small often engage a multitude of contractors for a portion or the duration of the project. With each contractor bound by their own contract and focused on their particular deliverable, STACT provides full flexibility and privacy-control to allow visibility of the project details required to get the job done. Our AI technology prompts contractors to reach their contractual milestones on time, alerting them to any protentional risks along the way.



Government organisations run complex projects and must have community safety and financial accountability top of mind at all times. The STACT platform can be applied to the full range of government-run projects, from major infrastructure projects right through to monitoring minor works. It can be used as a dispute resolution tool to highlight and mitigate any risks and human bias. In a sector where transparency is critical, STACT can help government organisations deliver. 


Insuring high-value assets or areas of interest require a thorough understanding of the risks involved. Insurers and underwriters can be assured that the best possible risk management practices are being applied when a project is driven by the STACT platform. Our health check assessments help identify areas of risk and provide recommendations for mitigating them. With transparent reporting, regular condition inspections and an archive of visual evidence of a project’s key milestones, an insurer can have the confidence that they backing a project with sound risk resilience.



By leveraging STACT's uniquire capabilities, we're able to provide an unparalleled level of support to consultancies and firms. Our capabilities allow for consultants to grasp real-time information and analyse them in an efficent way that is guaranteed to cut down on time and money. In turn, we're able to help you save money, make better decisions and all whilst reducing the time taken.